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It’s no secret – we all want whiter-looking teeth, but however much we brush, if it’s stubborn stains we’re dealing with, that teeth whitening toothpaste just won’t make the grade.

At Church Stretton Dental Practice we can give you a smile that sparkles. A tooth whitening procedure is one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry options and it can really make a difference. So stop shying away from smiling, discover how a teeth whitening procedure can transform your smile and even boost your self-esteem.

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Tooth whitening is a safe procedure and has been used for many years. There are almost no contraindications to the procedure, however, we would advise you not to proceed with treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your teeth and gums should be healthy prior to whitening.

This depends on a lot of factors such as teeth composition, age, and how white your teeth are already. The average improvement with whitening is between eight and ten shade changes.

Our whitening packages start from £295. We offer an initial no obligation consultation free of charge. Here our dentists will assess your suitability for treatment and talk through expected results. We will provide you with your full options for treatment and allow you to make your choice.

Unfortunately dental work such as veneers and crowns don’t whiten and may need to be replaced after your whitening if you would like these old restorations to match your new whiter smile!

There are several different methods to lighten the shade of your teeth. Our dentist will discuss the most suitable for you at your consultation visit. Some patients gain best results from using a home whitening gel we provide for use with our specially made trays. Others will benefit from treatment in surgery which can be completed in an hour. Occasionally a combination of the two is required.

Yes we always do an initial consultation before your appointment, this involves assessing your suitability, explaining the procedure and likely result. Examples of patient treatments will be shown.

Very happy with treatment and courtesy received from all involved. Advice and treatment offered was impartial and options available clearly explained. Subsequent provision of single implant successful. Would happily refer interested patients.
Mr T V Humphreys
Going to the dentist was something I used to dread; but not anymore. I have just had 2 dental implants fitted with the minimum of discomfort by Dr Khanna who works with a steady hand and calm assurance. I didn’t even have to leave the practice to have a CT scan on my jaw.
Malcolm D
I have, unfortunately, had to have a lot of dental work over the years but none has been better than the treatment I have received at Church Stretton Dental Practice, to the extent that my dental health has never been as good as it is now. The staff all make the experience as relaxed as possible and I have recommended the Practice to a number of friends.
Terry W
Having attended many appointments at Church Stretton Dental Practice over the last few years, I have found my children and I are always treated with professionalism and kindness. I feel safe in the knowledge we are getting the very best of care.
Helen B
In my experience this is an excellent dental practice. I always get a friendly reception from the reception staff, and helpful responses to any enquiries. On most occasions there is little waiting beyond the appointment time.

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Leslie D
I can recommend completely, the care and treatment available for patients at CSDP.

As a patient for many years, I continue to be impressed and reassured by the service received from Dr Khanna, his staff and associates.

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Andrew G
Polite, helpful staff, very satisfied with my dental treatment, also with the results of my implant surgery.
Jill L
This is a kind caring up to date practice from reception through to treatment. Dr. Khanna placed a titanium implant in my front upper jaw four years ago. It is still healthy and I am always thankful that l didn’t have to have a dental plate. It was money very well spent.
Rosemary R
Our new dentist has proved very efficient and is very good at giving advice on ways of maintaining good dental health. Our dentist is very positive and always takes dental and other health issues into account. It was a good decision to change to this dentist.
Michael B
I had my regular check up in January and it was found that I needed a filling.The dentist explained the problem,and cost of the treatment clearly and an appointment was made to have it done at a time that suited me.

The treatment has now been completed and an appointment made for my next check up.As usual the who process was handle in a very efficient and professional manner.

John W